Session fee is 150 gbp up to 2 hours.


  • Private online password with access to a gallery of 50 to 150 of the best digital images to view and choose
  • 10 of the best digital images you have selected all retouched to the highest standard and uploaded to your private gallery
  • 10 of your favorite retouched images in Black&White
  • 10 professional 3.94x5.91 inches (10*15 cm) prints
  • Prints, albums and other special items are available (see more details in the SHOP)

Fee for additional purchase images:

  • 1 retouched image - 20gbp
  • 5 retouched images - 80gbp
  • 10 retouched -150gbp including 10*15 cm prints

For the same fee, I photograph dogs together and separately, if they belong to the same owner. If they are friends, the additional fee is 75gbp including 5 more retouched and printed images Collection can be modified to include whatever you wish Your previews will be ready for viewing within a week after the session, and after it takes one additional week to be uploaded on your private gallery after you have selected your favorites, retouched images on the highest standard. You can pick up your finished prints about 3-4 weeks later.