The best time to photograph a new born is between 7- 14 days old. However, it can also be done up to 4-5 weeks while your baby is less active.
I strongly recommend booking a session in advance as soon as your due date is known. Then we can still re-schedule a booking 10 days after your due date. I always do my best to adapt to your schedule.
The session can be organised in your home, using natural window light, and can take up to 4 hours.

But, I never end it until I know that I have captured all the images you want. I also completely understand that a newborn requires more flexibility thus I will allow you plenty of time to feed and comfort your baby.

The session includes a blend of lifestyle photography with you, your partner, sibling holding the baby.
I always take unique and very detailed portrait from your baby which include, but not limited to, eyes, fingernails, feet etc.
Portrait is all about emotion. I prefer to use items which have a meaning for you such as blankets knitted by your mother, soft toys that have been bought as present, etc. Finally, it is important to note that plain clothes work better than the bright colours.